Our time is not only the most valuable but also the most personal gift we can make.
Nothing new actually but in our fast-paced and often hectic everyday life this fact is getting more and more eminent.
Share this valuable and fleeting substance of time with the people who are important to you.
We all know: time shared is twice as enjoyable. Time, once it has passed, cannot be brought back for all the gold in the world. Memories, however, stay forever in our hearts.
As Ludwig van Beethoven once said "Man possesses nothing more valuable than his time".

So, give something really special, offer a TIN OF TIME®!
In this special silver tin you will find a set of instructions, together with inspiring ideas, rolled and tied with a red ribbon. Within this roll are two further rolls, one for extra special friends or loved ones, and a general one for colleagues or neighbours. Simply fill in the chosen voucher, roll it up and tie it with the ribbon provided and place it back in the silver time tin ready to present as a gift. The tin is food safe and can later be used to store all sorts of things, even biscuits or chocolates. The label can be removed easily.

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