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Fairytale Stories by Tim Walker

WOW! We went to see the exhibition of the fashion photographer Tim Walker's work at Somerset House and absolutely LOVED it! Alongside a truly large amount of beautiful photos, there were quite a few of the original accessories Tim Walker used for creating his imaginative, dreamlike photo sets, including a giant doll and sceleton, both touching the ceiling at the top. Further, among others, a fake airplane taking up the entire space of one of the larger rooms, giant insects playing musical instruments and a beautiful, wooden swan gondola. Here are just a few impressions for you to get excited about going there and enjoying it yourself. If you're in London, you defintely shouldn't miss this!

Here's a photo collage of the giant skeleton 



Just in time for the long, dark evenings coming up now. A cosy candle windlight in an original design.

Ø 7,5 x h 28 cm
oak, smoked and oiled – glas, clear or moss green

Yes, the top of the Wine-Windlight actually is a real wine bottle.
The lower part is also designed after a bottle and together that makes an atmospheric windlight.




The HIDDEN RADIO at Tusch und Egon

Maybe the most intuative product ever.
An instant design icon.
In store and online next week!

The HiddenRadio’s minimalist yet poetic design makes it an instant classic. Quoted by many as a timeless design icon, it captivates the user through the intuitive functionality of the interactive cap, creating a unique semantic connection.

Simple, Intuitive, Loud

The world’s simplest and most intuitive wireless speaker and FM radio ever. Simply lift the cap   to turn it on, the further you lift the cap the louder it gets. For its compact size, this product offers one of the best performing speakers available to date; its sound will easily fill the space of the largest apartment.

Truly Portable

Its compact size lets you easily carry it around in any bag or backpack. Less than a pound yet 15hrs of solid sound means you can take it anywhere you want a party. Easily charge it again via micro USB from your computer or USB charger.


Never be trapped by wires again with top class wireless Bluetooth; just leave your phone in your pocket while listening to your favorite song.

360° Sound

With the unique speakers drivers and cone design, the sound will spread evenly throughout the room, and you will hear the same great sound no matter where you are.

Enhanced Experience

Whether watching a movie or gaming you can now get a full audio experience by pumping the sound to over 90dB; that’s easily enough to annoy the neighbors!
Available in black, white and silver

in store and online

£ 110 black and silver

£ 160 in white

order HIDDEN RADIO here



Taxi Lawn

Ever fancied a picnic on top of a taxi? Well, here's the one to climb up onto and sit on the green. That would definitely be a first for a date!
(notice the license plate....)



FLAP, every toddler would love this

Flap, the ultimate and most advanced design by Glodos.
Flap is a walking frame designed to help babies walk their first steps freely and stand on their feet in the funniest, safest and most comfortable way.
Flap combines best in class ergonomics and usability  with an innovative, modern and neat design, the true hallmark of the Glodos brand.

Flap features a secuity ring specially engineered to prevent falls.
Built-in side flaps provide support and prevent the baby from falling sideway. In the event of unbalance, the baby can use the flaps to keep hold on the frame.
An advanced handlebar improves the centre of gravity and prevents front uplifting.

A large front basket allows the baby to carry and move stuff around. And it’s also detachable and washable

available in 2 bright colours: red and green
Laminated wooden structure   ABS / TPE wheels    Polyester basket
Flap conforms to all applicable security regulations in Europe and North America.
50 cm long, 40 cm wide ,51 cm high

£ 99 +s/h
Pre Order FLAP here.


BIT, the most beautiful machine

What a cool machine is this! We discovered this beautiful bike in Spain and are more than delighted to be able to offer it now in London. 
BIT is the ultimate bike to help children take their first steps in the world of two wheels, run on their own and develop their balance, coordination and psychomotor skills.
BIT is a futuristic design and a timeless creation. Clean lines and smooth volumes convey the elegance and simplicity of beautiful, organic things.
BIT features wide wheels to help keep balance and stability. Innovative handlebars integrated into the chassis itself boast an ergonomic, anthropometric design to help ensure a good driving position.
BIT is also designed for grown ups. The handlebars become a convenient carrying handle and also a practical hanger in small spaces. It comes in a practical carrying bag to take it where ever you want. We hope you like it!

The premium materials, its chassis in curved wood, aluminium and EVA, give it a classy, technical look. Quite a contrast between a well-finished, artisanal toy and a cutting-edge technical toy for the world of today.

  • Curved laminated wood                                                     
  • Anodised aluminium axles
  • HDPE wheels
  • EVA seat
  • 170mm wide,  640mm long and 280mm high 

four colours available


Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping
£ 99 +s/h
Pre Order BIT here.


Selfridges goes Polka Dotty!

The shop windows at Selfridges are SOOO much fun at the moment! Should you have a chance to go by and see for yourself, you defintely should - it's really worth it. Polka dots, mainly in red and white, have taken over the 24 window design (biggest ever at Selfridges) and the concept store with its
sea urchins. The new collaborative line of clothing and accessories by Louis Vuitton and the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, all in her now widely recognized signature dots, will be available until October 19th.
By the way, should anyone of you out there have the possibility to get hold of one of the beautiful small sculptures of Yayoi Kusama, I would be highly interested!!!!!!

Japanese tourists taking a picture of Japanese artist.

Really, really interested!!!