Already kissed today?

We were enchanted when we discovered this sweet little couple. Bearing the famous names of Romeo and Juliet, they are magnetically drawn to eachother and exchange an ever so slight, shy little kiss as soon as they get closer. How adorable is that?!

Just the right gift for someone you love!

                                    see what they do here - http://t-u-e.tumblr.com/post/32397639128


A nicer way to extinguish a fire

Let's hope you will never need to use our cool fire extinguisher, because besides for the obvious reasons, it will look so good on your wall, you won't want to miss it! But in case you did have to use it, it would definitely be a nicer way to put that fire out than with an ordinary one. And of course it would do the job just as well, as it has been manufactured according to legal requirements.

We're sure you will be just as thrilled with them as we are!
Btw, our favourite is the wine design on black colour. Which do you prefer?

Here are the details:
The SAFE-T is a fire extinguisher that is identical to a traditional model.
Therefore, it is as efficient as a traditional extinguisher, but with a touch of added designer style!
It is CE 0029 certified and technically manufactured according to European standards EN 3-8 in force for this type of appliance.
In stature, the extinguisher weighs 2 kilograms, its height is 29cm and diameter 9cm.
It is filled with ABC powder, is perfectly legal and even advised for all types of private use.
It also comes with an optional magnetic wall bracket.
The fire extinguishing device can be used on all types of fire in the initial stages:
A (Solid objects made out of organic materials: wood, paper, textiles, PVC, tyres, etc.)
B (Liquids or materials than can turn to liquid: oil, grease, paint, petrol, varnish, etc.)
C (Gas: propane, hydrogen, etc.)
The item will be delivered within 10 working days if it is in stock.
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