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We found fine organic spices for you in Toronto! Passing by this beautiful shop, the seducing scent coming through the door drew us inside. We entered a colourful and mouth watering world, met the charming owner Allison and instantly ordered her exquisit and beautifully designed products for our shop!
She has created various collections of herbs and spices with themes of different cuisines, such as a French Box, an Italian Box, the Around the World Box, the Herb Box and especially for the holiday baking season the Baker's Box including a vanilla extract that blows your mind!

Here you see the Herb Box and its contents

This box contains the following organic herbs:
summer savory,marjoram,oregano,parsley,sage, tarragon, lemon thyme and thyme.

SUMMER SAVORY is a herb from the Mediterranean region. Its flavour is reminiscent of THYME with a hint of MARJORAM, and it is an essential ingredient in chicken stock. Its flavour does not overpower dishes but adds a particular dimension and so works well in blends, especially stuffing seasoning.

TARRAGON is an aromatic herb cultivated for its sweet, anise-like flavor. Tarragon imparts its flavour readily, and is one of the herbs often used in making flavoured vinegars and oils, not to mention mustard! It is grown in Europe and is found extensively in French cooking. It has a distinct flavour found in tartare and bernaise sauces and is one of the ingredients in HERBES DE PROVENCE.

MARJORAM is a herb that is native to Europe and is now grown all over the world. It is used in European and American cuisine. It is similar to Oregano and has some of the same flavour. However, it is more delicate and sweeter than oregano and is used in many blends such as BOUQUET GARNI andHERBES DE PROVENCE.

OREGANO is a herb native to the Mediterranean. It has a sharp, spicy flavour muted with a lingering lemony taste. It is used in Italian cuisine and is essential in ITALIAN MIXED HERBS. It is also found in American and Mexican cuisine.

PARSLEY is a herb that has been around for centuries. Dried parsley is mild and fresh in flavour. It is a flavour that helps enhance other flavours and is used in herb blends and to complement delicately tasting foods like white fish. It can be found in HERBES DE PROVENCE, BOUQUET GARNI, and ITALIAN MIXED HERBS.

SAGE is a herb from the Mediterranean region that has been used for centuries. It is a pungent herb that has a slight minty and musky tinge to it. It is used in traditional stuffing blends and is an essential ingredient in ITALIAN MIXED HERBS. Sage works well with fatty meats as its astringent flavour profile cuts through the grease. It is delicious when used to make savory breads.

THYME is native to the Mediterranean region. It has been used for centuries. It is found in many blends both spice and herb. It has a pungent, sweet, antiseptic flavour. It is always found in BOUQUET GARNI, HERBES DE PROVENCE, ITALIAN MIXED HERBS and ZA'TAR

We also offer a box of 200gr. Organic Black Pepper 



 BLACK PEPPERCORNS are known in India as the King of Spices. Black pepper is produced from the green unripe berries of the pepper plant. The berries are cooked briefly in hot water, both to clean them and to prepare them for drying. The berries are dried in the sun or by machine for several days, during which time the fruit around the seed shrinks and darkens into a thin, wrinkled black layer around the seed. Once dried, the fruits are called black peppercorns. Try it on strawberries!

The finest spices make the finest food!

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