FLAP, every toddler would love this

Flap, the ultimate and most advanced design by Glodos.
Flap is a walking frame designed to help babies walk their first steps freely and stand on their feet in the funniest, safest and most comfortable way.
Flap combines best in class ergonomics and usability  with an innovative, modern and neat design, the true hallmark of the Glodos brand.

Flap features a secuity ring specially engineered to prevent falls.
Built-in side flaps provide support and prevent the baby from falling sideway. In the event of unbalance, the baby can use the flaps to keep hold on the frame.
An advanced handlebar improves the centre of gravity and prevents front uplifting.

A large front basket allows the baby to carry and move stuff around. And it’s also detachable and washable

available in 2 bright colours: red and green
Laminated wooden structure   ABS / TPE wheels    Polyester basket
Flap conforms to all applicable security regulations in Europe and North America.
50 cm long, 40 cm wide ,51 cm high

£ 99 +s/h
Pre Order FLAP here.

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