BIT, the most beautiful machine

What a cool machine is this! We discovered this beautiful bike in Spain and are more than delighted to be able to offer it now in London. 
BIT is the ultimate bike to help children take their first steps in the world of two wheels, run on their own and develop their balance, coordination and psychomotor skills.
BIT is a futuristic design and a timeless creation. Clean lines and smooth volumes convey the elegance and simplicity of beautiful, organic things.
BIT features wide wheels to help keep balance and stability. Innovative handlebars integrated into the chassis itself boast an ergonomic, anthropometric design to help ensure a good driving position.
BIT is also designed for grown ups. The handlebars become a convenient carrying handle and also a practical hanger in small spaces. It comes in a practical carrying bag to take it where ever you want. We hope you like it!

The premium materials, its chassis in curved wood, aluminium and EVA, give it a classy, technical look. Quite a contrast between a well-finished, artisanal toy and a cutting-edge technical toy for the world of today.

  • Curved laminated wood                                                     
  • Anodised aluminium axles
  • HDPE wheels
  • EVA seat
  • 170mm wide,  640mm long and 280mm high 

four colours available


Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping
£ 99 +s/h
Pre Order BIT here.

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