Yeah! The Olympic Torch at Tusch & Egon

This morning the Olympic Torch made its way along St.John's Street, right past our shop. Having arrived in the middle of the night from a business trip to Barcelona, unfortunately we didn't manage to get here early enough to actually see it. But, surprise, surprise - we did nevertheless! And we even got to hold it! Just about two hours after the event, a lovely lady entered our shop together with her two just as lovely daughters, carrying with them a long thin cotton bag - in it nothing less than the Olympic Torch!

It turned out that her husband, Mr Ian Mc Fadzean, was one of the 8000 people who had been chosen to carry it this morning on its way to the Olympic stadion, and his family was now taking it home. Read below what I found in the net about him and why he was nominated - such a wonderful story! Well, Mrs Mc Fadzean was so generous to offer us to hold the torch while one of her daughters captured this historical moment on camera for us - what a treat! A big Thank You goes to them - you made our day!

Ian McFadzean

Carrying the Flame through
The London Borough of Islington

Carrying the Flame on
26 July 2012

Ian's nomination story

Ian was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award for the School of Biomedical Sciences for the second year running. A common reflection from students is that Dr McFadzean's lectures are some of the clearest and most interesting that they had attended and that they had been delivered in such a way that maximised their enjoyment of the learning experience. In his role as Chair of the School Undergraduate Board of Examiners and Dean of Undergraduate Education, Dr McFadzean has been responsible for the introduction of many innovative developments to teaching.

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